Greenport InternationalU14 Tournament
18 t/m 20 August 2023 Juliana Sportpark, 's-Gravenzande

Tournament schedule 2023 announced

Last week the tournament schedule for 2023's edition has been announced. Friday 18th of August the tournament will be kicked off with an opening match between host FC 's-Gravenzande and Atlanta United FC from the USA. As usual, the opening match will be preceeded by an official tournament opening ceremony. The activities will start Friday as of 4:00 pm - so make sure to be on time! 

The announcement of the tournament schedule also means that the poules are determined. Two strong poules of 8 teams will compete to qualify for the cross finals. In total Friday will see 16 matches that are played over 4 different rounds. On Saturday 19th of August the kick-off will be at 10:00 am. The morning program consists out of 4 match rounds that sum up to a total of 16 matches to be played. During a well deserved break the talents and the fans will have the opportunity to enjoy themselves during an organised host match that will have Old FC 's-Gravenzande challenge Old Westlands Elftal. After this hopefully exciting mathc, the tournament is resumed with another set of 4 match rounds with a total 16 matches to conclude this day. 

Sunday 20th of August is all about the last poule matches and cross finals. The schedule starts at 09:30 am so all teams will have enough time to prepare themselves for the cross finals that will be played in the afternoon (from 12am). As of this moment match rounds of 4 matches will be played in order to reach the conclusive final match that will start at 3:00 pm. Which of the teams will be the proud winners of this years tournament and bring home the cup? Please mark the weekend of 18-20th of August into your calendars and come see all talented players play a fantastich tournament! 

Attachment:  Schedule 2023.pdf


Do you want to learn more about this tournament? Or would you like to sponsor one of the teams or contribute in any other way? Please contact Jan van der Deijl or Leo de Haan. 

Jan van der Deijl
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Leo de Haan
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